The FMP workplace is full of dedicated and committed employees working towards a common goal. With our relationship-driven strategy of, high-quality client service, FMP attracts top-tier professionals looking to take their businesses and careers to the next level.
If you are seeking competitive compensation, a diversified sales portfolio, work-life resources, ongoing career development through our FMP University platform and a career that makes a positive difference in your life and community, contact us to learn about the many advantages and opportunities available at FMP Mortgage Investments Inc.

Our Culture

Our corporate culture is distinct from the banks and other brokers. At FMP we are 100% focused on development of our agents and helping them become their best.

Diversified Income Potential

FMP is the leading syndicate mortgage provider and one of the fastest growing mortgage brokerages in Canada.

Constant Employee Development

Our on-going FMP University curriculum is designed to keep our agents ahead of the curve with industry regulations and sales trends.

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