FMP has an experienced team of mortgage agents and brokers across Ontario and Nova Scotia. Our agents are experts in mortgage lending, private lending and development financing. Our team members have years of industry experience to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals.

A full-service mortgage brokerage that offers our clients exceptional customer service with residential, commercial, private, and syndicated mortgages. Our core focus is assisting clients to invest directly in Canadian real estate through syndicate mortgage investments.

Our core focus is assisting clients to lend directly in Canadian real estate through a syndicate mortgage.

Our team of experienced mortgage agents and brokers can leverage their underwriting experience to assist you with access to over 50 lenders to find the right mortgage for you.

FMP takes great care to ensure our clients understand risks and choose the right lender opportunity for them. Capital preservation and protecting our lenders is at the core of our business. Our values of disclosure, transparency and consumer protection are all key elements of risk mitigation for our clients.

FMP provide all of our clients with a vigorous client education process where the risks associated with syndicated mortgages and real estate development financing are presented. This is done, so that every lender has sufficient time to consider and understand the specific risks associated with the development projects they have selected. This process allows each lender to determine the suitability of the loan for them. This level of disclosure is done in order to protect the consumer, which is our top priority.

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